Rude Tales of Magic

[NEW Miniseries!] Come At The King: Chapter 1

Episode Summary

While the original Rude Tales gang waits out quarantine in Stirfry’s pocket (no food), here's a tale from Cordelia's mysterious past: COME AT THE KING, a miniseries set 500 years before the events of Rude Tales!

Episode Notes

We thought that while we're locked out of the studio due to NeoPlague, we'd nonetheless keep recording (We would never call ourselves heroes, but you are of course welcome to.) Only this time we'd tell a whole new story (same vibe) with whole new characters (somehow even dumber), exploring the world of Cordelia's bonkers past (like its present but over).  

No need to worry, the original gang will return as soon as they can. Until then though, WE HAVE SUCH SIGHTS TO SHOW YOU.