Rude Tales of Magic

Mountaintop (with special guest star Brennan Lee Mulligan)

Episode Summary

"Regarding that principle, the Buddha often said to the bhikùus, “You should know that the Dharma which I speak is like a raft. The raft is used to cross the sea of suffering — birth and death. Before you have ended birth and death, you use the raft in cultivation. Once you have ended birth and death, you should put the raft aside. If you do not put the raft aside you have an attachment." -The Diamond Sutra

Episode Notes

We are just thrilled as a cricket and pleased as a pretty peach pie to have Brennan Lee Mulligan as our first guest star. Brennan has been a huge influence on the show from before our first episode, is one of the greatest living Dungeon Masters and, good news for you, you can watch him work his magic on the hilarious and brilliant actual play show, Dimension 20 (youtube) (twitter) (insta) If you like Rude Tales, you are commanded to check out Dimension 20. Godspeed, lil bodhisattva.

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