Rude Tales of Magic

All the Little Ants

Episode Summary

Froggie went a courtin' and when he did ride, DANGER must surely follow. Our heroes find themselves in the good graces and iron clutches of one Mr. Scrum Fabulous, the gadabout flycatcher and never not plotting crime lord of Soaking Valley. What choice will they make regarding his offer they can't refuse? Must all reunions be brief? Must all goodbyes be Irish? Answers inside!

Episode Notes

This week we are pleased as punch to feature the work of Ben Kling and Rachel Wenitsky!

Ben arranged and produced Scrum's Theme, with Rachel on the pipes (the human throat pipes), with words and melody by lil' Tim Platt.

Check out more of their wonderful bidness here:

Ben Kling on Soundcloud (a must) and Twitter

Rachel Wenitsky on Twitter  and at home. 

And of course, ya gotta give it up for the Patreon.